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Meet the diving bell

THE DIVING BELL’s distinctive flavor of alternative folk-rock is marked by lush, layered vocal arrangements and ambitious storytelling. 

The band consists of husband-and-wife duo Clare and Steve Hendershot (vocals, guitars, electronic drums), along with Graham Gilreath (drums), Jake Gordon (bass) and Charles Murphy (electric guitar, vocals). The Diving Bell is named after a proto-submarine that sailed near Panama in 1869 and was left to rust there. Behold the Bitter Monument, the Chicago band's first EP, tracks its journey of exploration, invention and discovery. 

The Diving Bell performs throughout the Great Lakes and has been featured on WGN Radio Chicago, WDET Detroit and It's known for unique performances such as South and South: the Curious Tragedy of the Whiskey Jane Expedition, 1894, which combines music and multimedia narrative to tell the story of a 19th-century explorer.  

The band also produces the twice-monthly podcast Cedar Cathedral, which tells stories of artists and artisans pursuing the creative life in the Great Lakes. 


Behold the Bitter Monument (EP)

by The Diving Bell

Recorded at a cabin in the woods of southwest Michigan in fall 2014. Find it on iTunes | Pandora | Amazon | Spotify.  


South and South: The Curious Tragedy of the Whiskey Jane Expedition, 1894

Our story of a weary explorer searching for Atlantis in the Great Lakes. It's told as one-part concert and one-part live radio play. 

These videos were taken at Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where South and South debuted during ArtPrize 7:

We collaborated on "South and South" with many talented and generous friends: Gavin Camp (video compositing), Dana Chen (graphic design), L.C. Fiore (script editing), Tom Hendershot (set design and construction), Andi Mints (hand lettering), Matt Pagano (script editing), Mike Parton (electric guitar); Sara Perez (costume design), Jim Trompeter (sound design), Adam Verner (narration), Eric Watkins (lighting) and Adam Wisz (audio engineering). 


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